Using a Private Investigator in Your Divorce

podcast Mar 07, 2024

Do you feel like your husband has a lot to hide? Are his stories not making any sense, and you are worried about what he is doing, who he is doing it with, and what this means to your divorce?

It is normal to feel some level of distrust during your divorce, but for some, it will go far beyond that and you may need expert help.

We are starting off season three of the Find Me The Money podcast with a bang! Our first guest of the season is Phil Segal, a private investigator who specializes in complex financial investigations, and he shared why you may need to use a private investigator during your divorce.

Lots of people think they need a P.I. when they’re divorcing, but do they really? We talk about when you might need the private investigator, versus when you should use a forensic accountant… and when you might need BOTH.

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DIY Investigating

Can’t you just Google the information you need in your divorce? Phil tells us about the limitations with search engines. While Google is an fabulous tool for many things, there are significant limits on the information you can get from it when looking for court records or other official documents. Depending on where you live, many records will have to be requested in person and from a county clerk.

Without the know-how of a P.I. you may be spinning your wheels, or worse, missing valuable information for your case that could lead to a better settlement and help you discover hidden assets. 

What You Want in a Private Investigator

Phil shared the number one quality you want in your private investigator. Similar to finding an attorney you fit well with, you will want to interview several private investigators before choosing one. You want an imaginative investigator... someone who doesn't just look at your case and see the obvious clues of what is going on, but who can look beyond the surface level, get curious, and ask questions you haven't even thought to ask.

Why Expert Help Matters

A private investigator can be extremely helpful to uncover hidden assets in your divorce, but you have to get the right person involved and you have to know where to focus. A comprehensive financial investigation is best done through a collaboration between a private investigator and a forensic accountant. Both of these experts bring different skill sets to the table and will give you a more well-rounded base to build your case from for your divorce. You don't know what you don't know and getting expert help will give you the edge you need to get the settlement you deserve. 

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