Find Me The Money

Take Control, Uncover the Truth, and Win the Money You Deserve In Your Divorce

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If you're getting divorced, don't walk away wondering if you left money on the table!


This Book Will Show You How To Get The Money You KNOW You Are Entitled To.

Find Me The Money will take you from overwhelmed to empowered so you can "win" in your divorce - - even if you have no idea where to start with the financial issues.

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Meet Tracy Coenen


Tracy Coenen is a nationally recognized CPA and forensic accountant. As a fraud investigator, she focuses on finding hidden money in divorce cases.

Tracy’s work has been featured on CNBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC, as well as in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, and The Business Journal.

Tracy Coenen reveals her top secrets to help women win more money in their divorces.

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The burdens of divorce disproportionately impact women logistically, emotionally, and financially.

More than half of Americans keep money secrets from their partners.

So, you're not alone. This financial infidelity can significantly impact your standard of living, both during the marriage and after the divorce.

Too many women are victims of financial abuse and financial infidelity, and forensic accountant Tracy Coenen wants to help. She’s seen the divorce process steal joy, pride, confidence, and security from women. But what happens to someone overwhelmed with the prospect of starting life over, with all of her hopes and dreams for her family shattered? How can she find restoration and empowerment?

Find Me the Money follows the story of Jackie as she navigates the divorce process after being betrayed by her husband. Jackie is determined to make sure that she gets the money she deserves in her divorce, and that requires her to dig into the family’s finances and to face some uncomfortable truths about how and where her husband was spending (and hiding!) their money.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Detect financial deceit and find hidden money.
  • Identify red flags of financial fraud.
  • Follow a simple process to untangle the financial lies.
  • Uncover the facts about your family’s money.
  • Come out of your divorce feeling victorious.
  • Start your new life with courage. 
Don’t be cheated twice. Learn the strategies, then leverage the tools to win every penny of the money you are entitled to in your divorce.
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You can find where your husband has been hiding money.

This book will show you where to look to find the money, so you can get every penny that you are entitled to in your divorce.

You'll discover how to detect financial deceit and find hidden money, identify red flags of financial fraud, follow a simple process to untangle the financial lies, and come out of your divorce feeling victorious.

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