Episode 47:

Using a Private Investigator in Your Divorce

with Philip Segal of Charles Griffin Intelligence


Show Notes

Phil Segal is a private investigator who specializes in complex financial investigations, and he is here this week to talk about using a private investigator during your divorce. Lots of people think they need a P.I. when they’re divorcing, but do they really? We talk about when you might need the private investigator, versus when you should use a forensic accountant… and when you might need BOTH.

Can’t you just Google the information you need in your divorce? Phil tells us about the limitations with search engines. We talk about how to find a good private investigator, and some of the skills you want, such as investigative intuition and an imagination to help uncover hidden assets.

A private investigator can be extremely helpful to uncover hidden assets in your divorce, but you have to get the right person involved and you have to know where to focus. A comprehensive financial investigation is best done through a collaboration between a P.I. and a forensic accountant.

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