Do-It-Yourself Divorce: Finding Hidden Assets

May 30, 2024

You're getting two forensic accountants for the price of one on this week's new episode of the Find Me The Money podcast. My good friend and colleague Leah Wietholter, an accomplished forensic accountant, is my special guest sharing her expertise on Do-It-Yourself Divorce: Finding Hidden Assets.

Not everyone needs a forensic accountant in their divorce. Even if you suspect your husband is hiding money, it often doesn't make sense to hire a professional and spend the fees. However, that doesn't mean that you just have to give up on finding the money that you are entitled to. Leah is showing us how easy it is to find hidden money in your divorce by using your bank statements, credit card statements, and paystubs.

No one knows your family's finances like you do. After organizing and categorizing your documents, you'll be able to track the transactions and identify hidden accounts based on your knowledge about the money and lifestyle you and your children have been living. Leah gives helpful tips on presenting your findings to your attorney.

Don't miss this important conversation. You CAN find the money. You just need to know where to look and this week's guest, Leah Wietholter, is sharing information to help you do that. Expert advice from a forensic accountant to help with a Do-It-Yourself Divorce: Finding Hidden Assets is our podcast focus this week.

Find your money.

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