Episode 59:

Do-It-Yourself Divorce: Finding Hidden Assets

with Leah Wietholter of Workman Forensics


Show Notes

Our guest this week is Leah Wietholter, an accomplished forensic accountant who shows us how easy it is to find hidden money in your divorce. We talk about the need for forensic accountants in some cases, but in many divorce cases people can uncover hidden income and assets on their own.

Leah walks us through using bank statements, credit card statements, and pay stubs to track financial transactions and identify hidden accounts. She emphasizes the importance of organizing and categorizing financial records and provides tips on presenting evidence to your attorney. Making lists of transactions will be important, but you don’t necessarily have to use fancy spreadsheets or know a lot about accounting.

Trust your own knowledge and instincts when investigating your finances!

Leah’s Data Sleuth Podcast

Leah’s book Data Sleuth: Using Data in Forensic Accounting Engagements and Fraud Investigations

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