Adulting After Divorce

podcast Feb 22, 2024

Divorce is a huge life change, and many women going through it wonder what is next for them. This is especially true if you're approaching midlife. You probably envisioned yourself growing old with your husband, and now you're single and trying to figure things out.

Our guest on the podcast this week is Bradley Richardson of Advanced Adulting. We are talking about how to start your life over as a "me," rather than a "we." Bradley tells us about his personal divorce journey and his need to do some self-discovery after that. Letting go of bitterness is also key. After going through an acrimonious divorce himself, Bradley certainly speaks from experience when it comes to healing after divorce and becoming a better version of yourself.

Bradley offers us some practical tips for moving forward after divorce. Mostly, he wants you to focus on who you were before you became a spouse or parent, and to look for things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

He wants to help you figure out, "what the hell do I want to do." Divorce forces change upon you, but you can figure out how to make the most of it without being bitter. Bradley encourages women to let go and not get stuck after divorce by hanging on to the past. He wants you to imagine a life that you actually want to live and the freedom you will have to reinvent yourself. This is your second chance. 

Listen to the podcast episode now to hear Bradley's biggest tip to get through your divorce. His advice will surprise you and may just help you get through your divorce and onto the best version of you. 

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