Episode 45:

Adulting After Divorce

with Bradley Richardson of Advanced Adulting


Show Notes

This week's guest is Bradley Richardson of Advanced Adulting. He is a coach, speaker, and content creator who helps people navigate midlife and divorce. We get to hear a bit about Bradley’s personal divorce journey, and he emphasizes the importance of self-discovery and letting go of bitterness.

Bradley recommends leaving the legal aspects of divorce to professionals and focusing on finding yourself again during and after your divorce. You’re going from a “we” to a “me,” and that has some special challenges, so Bradley offers us some practical tips for moving forward after divorce. Mostly, he wants you to focus on who you were before you became a spouse or parent, and to look for things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Hear the first best thing that people in the process of divorce can do for themselves… and you’ll be surprised at what the advice is. It’s not going on a retreat or taking yourself shopping. It’s advice that you can use to really get through the process of divorce.

You can find Bradley at:


Instagram: @imbradleyrichardson

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