Episode 64:

Raising Kids, Sharing Costs: Co-Parenting Finances

with Jay Skibbens, Co-Parenting Coach


Show Notes

Jay Skibbins, a co-parenting coach, is chatting with Tracy about the emotional and financial challenges of co-parenting. When their children are affected, it can be tough for mom. Financial issues, such as non-payment of child support, are a common source of disagreement between co-parents. Jay says to focus on whether the kids are truly being negatively impacted by the financial issues.

Other things for moms to focus on: finding ways to become financially independent, reframing your mindset around money, and expressing gratitude toward your co-parent. So much of the conflict with the co-parent can be reframed in a way to reduce the animosity while still having accountability.

Jay’s free ebook, Break Free From the Immediacy Trap: https://jay-skibbens.mykajabi.com/pl/2148001650

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