Episode 60:

Love 2.0: Prenups and Second Marriages

with Aaron Thomas, Prenup Guy


Show Notes

Aaron Thomas, known as Prenup Guy, is here to talk with us about prenuptial agreements and second marriages. If you’re getting divorced, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is getting married again. But many divorced women WILL get married again, so it is important to protect their finances with a prenup.

There are many misconceptions about prenups, but Aaron explains that a prenup is simply a set of rules that determine how finances are managed during and after a marriage. It is not just a plan for divorce. Prenups can help establish transparency and facilitate discussions about financial matters during the marriage.

Learn what the “one paycheck rule” is and hear how prenups protect both spouses… they don’t just benefit the wealthier spouse. Aaron also addresses the complexities of modern marriages and the importance of cohabitation agreements for long-term relationships without marriage.

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