Warning Signs of Fraud in Your Marriage

Mar 18, 2024

Has your husband suddenly become secretive with his spending? Usually there are signs of fraud, even if they are subtle. These signs are often referred to as red flags of fraud.

Red flags may have popped up throughout your relationship or they may have become more obvious toward the end. It is not unusual for financial infidelity to gather steam over time, so don't be surprised if you had a few moments that gave you pause but didn't set off a ton of warning bells. It's not always easy to spot fraud in your marriage, especially if it is happening little by little.

How would you spot the warning signs of fraud in your own marriage? One way is by taking our red flag quiz to assess your risk. You'll answer a handful of questions and check off some of the potentially concerning behaviors you have seen, and we'll tell you how worried you should be.

Common Warning Signs

Financial infidelity includes any lie about money. It could include things like: 

  • Having a secret credit card
  • Gambling away your family's money
  • Making secret purchases
  • Spending large amounts of money without your consent

How could you find out if your husband is engaging in financial infidelity? You would look for some of the warning signs, or red flags. These red flags aren't exactly proof of fraud. They are indicators that fraud is probably occurring and you need to start looking for evidence. Three of the most common red flags of financial fraud in a marriage are:

  • A significant, unusual change in behavior, especially as it relates to money
  • Using a significant amount of cash, especially if he didn't us a lot of cash in the past
  • Preventing your from accessing your family's financial information


 Should You Confront Your Husband?

Short answer: NO! You should not confront your husband if you think he is engaging in financial infidelity.

I know you have questions and you want answers to them. But asking questions or making accusations will only serve to let your husband know that you're onto him. What you need to do first is protect yourself. Keep this information to yourself as you work strategically behind the scenes.

Start gathering financial information like bank statements and tax returns. The more information you can gather, the better. You should also have a consultation with a divorce lawyer. Even if you don't think you want to get divorced, it is still helpful to understand your rights in case you ever do head down that path.

Take the red flags quiz now and get resources to help you manage your situation!

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