The Person You Marry Isn't The One You Divorce

celebrity divorce Aug 21, 2023

It's been said that "the person you marry is not the person you divorce." 

In a recent article from Essence, Always have Your Own": Kenya Duke Shares How Her High-Profile Divorce from Gary Owen Made Her a Better Businesswoman, Ms. Duke talks about how she imagined her divorce would play out versus the reality of just how nasty it got.

Her story is easy to relate to. A stay-at-home mom, supporting her husband's business, putting any career outside of the home on hold for the greater good of the family.

She valued the "traditional" relationship she had for so many years where her husband shouldered the finances, and she ran the home, children and other domestic responsibilities. At the time, it never occurred to her this could evolve into a financial disaster.

It's very common for one spouse to "take the lead" of handling the finances. Of course, you trust your spouse to take care of the money. You married this person for a reason. But divorce hits and the one left in the dark about the finances feels shame in not knowing.

It's time for the shame to leave and for confidence, protecting yourself and "having your own" replaces it. 

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