Proving Your Financial Case in Divorce Court

Jun 13, 2023


When going through the divorce process, there are certain things that will be expected of you regarding your finances. You're going to have to fill out a financial disclosure form, provide bank and credit card statements to your ex, disclose all of the assets and debts you have, and answer a lot of questions about the money.

If your husband has hidden money or engaged in secret spending (think of things like affairs, real estate you never knew about, drugs, gambling, or other things you never would have approved of), you will need to prove your case in court to get back your money.

How are you going to do that?

You need evidence. And the evidence of what your husband has done is right in your bank statements, credit card statements, and tax returns. You'll have to get these records and go through them line-by-line to find the transactions to prove exactly what he did with your family's money. (Don't worry... we're here to help!)

What do you need to do, specifically?

You'll be putting together a list of transactions that are questionable, and a list of transactions that you know are bad. "Bad" transactions might include:

  • Transfers to accounts you never knew about
  • Payments on secret credit cards
  • Spending on an affair partner
  • Large or frequent withdrawals of cash
  • Payments that you can identify as improper

Once you have your lists of transactions, you'll also need to have the statements handy. You'll want to highlight these transactions on the statements and include the statements with your list. The statements are the proof of what really happened to the money.

All of this information should be given to your attorney who should know the best way to present it in court. But now instead of just saying "my husband is hiding money".... you'll have hard proof of it and your attorney will be able to do something about it.

Find your money.

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