Protect Yourself When Getting Divorced

Mar 25, 2024

Are you at the beginning of your divorce process and feeling more scared than ever? You aren't alone. Whether you are considering divorce or already in the process, your first critical step as you are considering or entering into the divorce process is to protect yourself. 

Three keys areas of your life need to be protected: your information, your finances, and your technology. You want to be certain that your identity, communications, and documents are protected.

No matter how amicable you think your divorce may be, taking some steps to secure your private information and money is critical. You never know when things can take a turn for the worse, so you want to be protected just in case.

All of our best strategies for protecting yourself during divorce are in our mini-course PROTECT Yourself.

Secure Your Information

You want to be sure that your ex cannot spy on you or get access to private information, like communications with your divorce attorney. One key step is to establish a brand new email address, and to ensure that the password is not something that your husband could guess. You never know when you might have an old phone or old computer that was logged into your email account. Your husband could turn on the device and immediately have access to all of your emails. A fresh email address will mean that it's not logged in anywhere, and no one will be seeing your emails without your knowledge. 

Secure Your Finances

Think about your access to money as you're going through the process of divorce. Will your husband cut you off or drain the bank account? Having your own bank account... with only your name on it... will ensure that you have access to money that no one else can touch. No one can close the account or transfer funds out of it.

Secure Your Technology

We all use so many digital devices and online services that it is important to think about securing your digital information. Even if you do not think that any of your devices or accounts are at risk, it is still wise to be extra cautious during separation and divorce. Your first step is to sign out of all devices your husband can access, as well as all shared online accounts.

I have many more important procedures for you to go through when you're trying to secure your life at the beginning of your divorce. They're not hard, but they're important. And you probably never thought of many of them. Check out our
 detailed steps for securing your life and protecting YOU.  No one is going to look out for you as well as you will, so take control today.

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