Protect Yourself From Narcissistic Financial Abuse

Apr 29, 2024

Divorcing someone with narcissistic behaviors can often be more difficult than being married to one. Financial abuse by someone like this is very common and if that's you, you need to do these steps to protect yourself financially.

Put Together a Good Divorce Team
If you have a good team behind you, you will have the best outcome possible in your divorce. In addition to a qualified and experienced attorney, there are several types of divorce professionals who can help you through your divorce. You might consider a divorce coach, a forensic accountant, a life coach, a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA), or even a divorce planner.

Gather Important Documents
You will want to gather and organize important documents like 3-5 years of bank and account statements, your marriage certificate, and consider making a list of important dates and events in your marriage. Think about when you bought or sold a car or home, when someone changed jobs, or when you took out a loan.

Keep Your Emotions in Check
Divorce takes an emotional toll, so it's important to not make big decisions while you are "in your feels." You may consider getting a therapist for you and/or your children to help get you through this transition. Don't fall victim to narcissistic manipulation or gaslighting. Stay strong, you are working towards a better life, and you will get through this.

Protect Yourself Financially
Open a new bank account at a bank that you or your husband have never used before and make sure the password to online banking is something that he cannot guess. Separate yourself financially as soon as you can by changing access to accounts or assets that are yours alone, getting a new online accounts (like Amazon, Netflix, and others), monitoring your credit score (you never know if your narcissist has taken out an unauthorized account in your name).

The divorce process can be particularly hostile if you're dealing with a financially abusive narcissist, so prepare yourself for the battle, excessive anger, and emotional blackmail. You can protect yourself and family with these steps to ensure you successfully move on from being financially abused by your narcissistic husband. 

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