Master Your Money

May 02, 2024

Being on top of our money is important to many women. Yet sometimes we are in the dark about our finances because we're not actively involved with the money We trust our husbands to be honest and transparent. Many of us probably weren't thinking about our marriages ending and the financial fallout.

Unfortunately, marriages fail for a variety of reasons and it's only when the divorce process starts, that many women learn about misuse of family money and the possibility that he is being shady by hiding assets, accounts or debts.

You'd be surprised to find out just how many women I've helped in this same situation. (It's nearing a thousand!) Couples often divide and conquer when it comes to the responsibilities of the family and many times, the husband controls every aspect of the money. That leaves the wife in the dark about what's really going on in the big picture.

This week, I'm asking you to not be ashamed about whatever has been going on with your family's finances. Whether you were involved or not... whether you know what has happened to the money or not.... Not is the time to start understanding your finances.

Your first step is to listen to this week's episode of the Find Me The Money podcast, with guest Patrina Dixon of It'$ My Money. We are talking about ways to start you on the path toward better money management. Patrina is offering tips to protect yourself financially, better understand your money, and make some strides toward financial independence for yourself.

Patrina shares her story of how she overcame her own money struggles. She is now a certified financial educator, author, and speaker. Her success story with money can be yours, too. She and I know that budgeting is the key to everything. And creating a budget is much easier if you have a checklist to help you get you started on the path to "knowing your money."

Lists don't just help you write down things you don't want to forget. Making them can actually help jog your memory for big events that happened in your marriage. Whatever stage of marriage or divorce you are in, it's time to take back your power and start taking control of your finances.

The information you get from your budget and checklists will help you put together the financial details and can help your attorney better present your case to the divorce court. We want you to come out of your divorce with the best possible financial settlement, so you can move forward with your life and have the money you deserve to embrace the next chapter with confidence.

You don't want to miss Patrina's expert tips for saving money on daily expenses, as well as her ideas for earning more income, even passive income. If you find yourself in a divorce, we want to help you go into your divorce as the master of your money and come out on the other side a financially savvy woman.

Find your money.

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