Job Interviews and Offers: Restarting Your Career Post Divorce

May 23, 2024

Re-entering the workforce after a divorce can be intimidating and is especially difficult for a stay-at-home-mom or woman who has put her career on hold to support her husband's career, manage the household, and care for the children.

On this week's episode of the Find Me The Money podcast, Suzanne Lucas, aka the Evil HR Lady, joins us to talk about restarting your career after divorce. As a human resource expert and writer (who isn't really evil at all), she has witnessed first-hand how difficult it can be for some women to navigate the job market. Suzanne experienced this as a single mom and she took control of her career, is now living her best life, and you can too.

As much as we hate to admit it, there truly is discrimination in the job market for women and stay-at-home moms in particular. But Suzanne doesn't want you to use this as an excuse or crutch. She helps us to better understand the interview process and gives suggestions on how to embrace and highlight the many skills developed as a stay-at-home mom. You have more to offer than you may think.

Tune in to hear Suzanne's strategies for addressing career gaps, get some insider information on the most common interview questions, and get advice on whether you should negotiate a job offer.

This week's guest has so much valuable experience and information to share. Don't miss Suzanne Lucas on this week's episode, Job Interviews and Offers: Restarting your Career Post-Divorce.

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