How to Get a Cheap Divorce

Jun 17, 2024

Everything costs more money these days and people are trying to save every penny they can, even in their divorces. Divorce is expensive and many women stay in unhappy marriages because they can't afford to get out, but there are ways to save money. Here are things to consider to get the "cheapest" divorce possible.

The cost of divorce varies greatly, depending on where you live and the type of situation you have. Higher cost of living areas generally have more higher costs to get divorced. This is largely a function of how expensive your divorce attorney will be. How complicated your finances, your parenting situation, and your interpersonal issues are will also greatly influence the cost of your divorce. The more complicated things are and the more you argue with your ex, the higher your legal fees will be.

The most straightforward way to get a cheaper divorce is by coming to a resolution of the situation with your husband... without attorneys. It's easier said than done, but if you are amicably divorcing your spouse, try working things out between the two of you. Even working out a few key issues like child custody plans, asset distribution, and who owns what debt can drastically lower the expense of your divorce. If you can come to agreement on all the issues together, then you may be able to avoid lawyers and save yourself thousands of dollars.

Another great option is working with a mediator. This is becoming a more popular way to divorce. You and your ex don't even have to agree on things in order to do this. A mediator is a neutral party, often a lawyer or a highly trained divorce professional, who works through the issues with you and your husband to help you come to agreements. It is great to have this go-between who can help you find common ground.

You may have no choice but to file in court and use an attorney to get your divorce done. In this case, you can still save money by doing some of the legwork yourself and giving less to your lawyer or his or her paralegals. Programs like the Divorce Money Guide can help you cut costs in your divorce by helping you understand the process, know what documents to gather, and help you get your divorce financials together on your own.

You don't have to feel trapped in an unhappy marriage because of the cost of getting a divorce. There are so many resources and support systems for women going through divorce. These can help you be strategic, cut your costs, and get the support you need to come out of your divorce with the best settlement possible at the lowest cost possible.

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