How Husbands Hide Money in Divorce Court

after divorce Feb 14, 2023

Husbands (and yes, wives too!) hide money from divorce court. When a marriage is breaking up, people seem to want to keep as much money for themselves as possible.

It's important to understand the most common ways a dishonest spouse tries to conceal money from the divorce judge so you can be on the lookout.

Hidden Bank Accounts: One of the most common ways that husbands hide money during divorce is by opening secret bank accounts. To uncover these accounts, you can request bank records from the financial institutions where her husband does business. You can also subpoena the banks for records related to any accounts in you husband's name or any accounts that he has access to. If there is evidence that your husband has transferred money to these accounts, it may be considered fraud and the funds can be recovered as part of the divorce settlement.

Under-Report Income: Another way that husbands hide money during divorce is by under-reporting their income. To uncover this fraud, a you can request payroll records and tax returns from  your husband's employer. You can also request a copy of his W-2 form to verify his income.

Concealing Assets: Husbands may also hide assets during divorce by transferring ownership of assets to friends or family members. These assets are often difficult to uncover, which is precisely why people use this method. The best way to uncover this is to look for evidence of the purchase of assets, but the assets haven't been disclosed by the husband during the divorce.

Falsifying Business Records: Some husbands may falsify business records to hide or conceal money (or other value). The way to uncover this is through an analysis of the business by a forensic accountant. Your expert will review financial records and other business documents to determine if there is evidence of fraud or if any assets have been improperly transferred or concealed.

Uncovering and proving fraud during a divorce can be challenging, but it is important to have all financial records and evidence available to ensure that a fair settlement is reached.

If you want to learn more and figure out if your husband is hiding money and other assets, check out The 10 Most Common Places Husbands Hide Money in Divorce and How to Find the Money.

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