Helping Women Through Difficult Times

Jun 19, 2024

I often get asked why I created the Divorce Money Guide. People want to know about the driving force behind my business as a forensic accountant and fraud investigator.

The answer is simple, I'm on a mission to help divorcing women get through the process of divorce in a better way. And more importantly, I want to help them leave their marriages with the best possible financial settlement.

The Divorce Money Guide was inspired by the female clients I've worked with throughout the years. I've been blessed with a successful career working on both corporate cases and divorces. But my experience on the divorce side really opened my eyes to the lack of support for women navigating the financial part of their divorces. There was a real need for low-cost resources for women in divorce who very often get shortchanged.

Finance in general can be a complex and intimidating topic. You either love numbers or you don't. There really isn't a lot of grey area.

I happen to love numbers and have the ability to make sense of the complexities. The old adage that "girls aren't good with numbers," is dated and simply not true. We just need support and expert guidance, along with plain language, actionable tips, and tools that help women take back control of their money and successfully fight for the financial future they deserve.

Knowing your numbers isn't just important while fighting for your fair share in divorce. Whatever season of life women are in, I want them to know their finances better. They may be engaged, married, thinking about divorce, in the middle of divorce, or starting over afterwards. I want to be the trusted resource for helping them take the next proactive step in securing their finances. 

Surviving isn't enough. I want to help women thrive financially.

Find your money.

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The Divorce Money Guide

This Is Your Key to Finding Hidden Money and Assets

This Guide walks you through everything you need to know to find out exactly what your family's money was spent on and to uncover hidden financial fraud in your marriage.

This is your chance to find the money.... before you agree to any settlement in your divorce.


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