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Jun 26, 2024

You're getting a divorce and you want to find out if your husband has any hidden bank accounts. And you want to find these secret accounts for FREE. YES! You can find hidden bank accounts for free, you just need to know where to look.

The important thing to know is that there is not a database of bank accounts out there. You can't tap into some master list and find all of the accounts in your husbands name at any bank around the world. Any private investigator who says they can go consult a database and tell you where your husband has accounts.... is lying.

Sometimes people wonder if there are any bank accounts in their name that they never knew about. One way to find an account like this is through a company called ChexSystems. It is a consumer reporting agency that is much like the credit reporting agencies we all know about. The difference is that ChexSystems helps bank and credit unions screen people who apply for new checking and savings accounts.

When someone applies for a new bank account, the bank or credit union will run a report with ChexSystems, looking for negative bank activity, habitual overdrafts, or suspected fraud. Each time you try to open a count, the bank will look at your banking history with ChexSystems, and a record will be kept of every bank that looked at your history.

You can request to see your ChexSystems report, just like you can see your credit report. If you see that a bank has checked your history, it's possible that there is an account with your name on it at that bank. And if you don't recognize it or remember why they would have inquired about your history, you should get in contact with that bank and find out if you've got an account there. You may have just uncovered a secret account...for FREE.

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