Financial Documents You Need For Your Divorce

Apr 01, 2024

Trying to figure out the financial part of your divorce? Divorce can feel incredibly difficult and  the financial side of it can be overwhelming and complicated. But you have to take on this challenge. You need to find out how much money you have and where it is. If you want to get your money in your divorce (and you deserve your share!), then you need the facts about your finances.

I want to  help you get started quickly, simply, and make a plan for your next right step. That's why I have put together a tool to help you get started, the Divorce Financial Checklist.  I put together a list of over 40 financial documents that I recommend you start gathering and preparing as you begin your divorce.

You're probably thinking.... how on earth are there nearly 40 financial documents I need for the divorce? Finances and divorce can be very intricate. The longer your life together, the more entangled you likely are to one another. Even with a short marriage, if you combined finances, have several assets, have children, or some mix of everything, there will be a lot to untangle. 

BUT.... you're not going to need to gather all of these documents. Many of them might not even apply to your situation. But I want you to at least know about all of the possible documents so you can think about whether they're important to your situation.

I'm taking the guesswork out of the financial part of the divorce. You don't have to be frustrated with it anymore, because my mini-guide gets you started with an easy (but thorough!) checklist. This is a simple step you can take toward conquering the finances in your divorce.

You wouldn't try to fix a broken leg without expert help. Don't try to start your divorce without help today. I have helped hundreds of women just like you and I know my process and my tools work. Let's get you started! Once you have gathered your financial documents, you will be well on your way to getting the best financial outcome in your divorce.

Find your money.

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