Financial Battles of Divorcing a Narcissist

Jun 27, 2024

When you're divorcing a narcissist, it can feel like war. You are in constant battle for your fair share of the assets, the right custody agreement, spousal support, the list goes on and on. The financial battles of divorcing a narcissist don't always end when the divorce is final either.

On this week's episode of the Find Me The Money podcast, Tracy Malone, a narcissistic abuse and divorce coach, joins me to talk about preventing financial and legal abuse after your divorce. Tracy is all too familiar with the difficulties of divorcing a narcissist. She's seen it in her own experience and through the many clients she's helped.

We are defining narcissism, explaining differences between behaviors and an actual diagnosis, and discussing strategies to help you through this difficult time.

There are common tactics that narcissists use during and after divorce that you need to be on the lookout for. You may be experiencing some of these things now. Hiding money from you, cutting you off financially, and obstructing the legal process are all tactics used by narcissists to inflict financial abuse.

Protect yourself physically, emotionally, legally and financially before, during, and after divorce. Listen to this week's episode, Financial Battles of Divorcing a Narcissist with Tracy Malone to learn how.

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