Divorce Goals: Setting Up Your Financial Future

May 09, 2024

Planning a wedding is expensive, but ask a divorcee... divorce is even more expensive and a lot less fun. Many women come out of divorce financially devastated. That's why it is so important to get yourself the best possible settlement in your divorce.

This week we have divorce attorney Lauren Hunt on the podcast to talk about Divorce Goals: Setting Up Your Financial Future. Lauren has seen it all when it comes to divorce and finances, and she wants you to use her experience as a lawyer to help make better financial decisions in your divorce.

There are several important decisions during your divorce that you will be required to make, and they can have very positive impacts on your financial future, or they can have the opposite effect. But you can't go into them blindly trusting your divorce team. You have to take control of your own financial future and advocate for yourself.

Get informed and make the right choice for your divorce. From choosing the right attorney to even finding fraud, we are talking about it all. Lauren shares strategies to make money, save money, and get the right settlement, which is the ultimate goal, right?

Knowing your numbers and understanding your money is the key to your post-divorce success and that all starts with a budget. Having a budget doesn't have to be restrictive, it can give you a sense of security knowing exactly what is coming in and going out. And the best part, you are in charge.

It's not often that you get to hear from an attorney and a forensic accountant in the same episode, so this is your opportunity to get actionable tips to reduce your legal fees, organize your financial documents, and maybe even find some hidden money in your divorce. Set yourself up for the financial future you deserve.

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