Divorce and the Red Pill

podcast Feb 01, 2024

Do you think the 1950's are firmly in the rearview mirror with women making huge gains in the last century towards equality and reaching their own goals? Unfortunately, there is a resurgence of misogynistic and backwards thinking that wants to force women back into the home, back into subservience, and take away financial autonomy.

Who is driving this disturbing trend? Men who are preying upon youth, who are often in deeply insecure and awkward stages. They want to radicalize them before they even enter adulthood and for a disturbingly large number, it is working. It is known as the "Red Pill" movement and you need to know about it.

You see, these men say they're in favor of "family values," but what they really mean is they want women to be subservient to them and dependent on them. They want to rule their households and ensure their wives raise the children and ask no questions.

This week on my podcast, Find Me The Money, our guest is John Romaniello. We're talking about the Red Pill movement and its impact on relationships and divorce. John got his start in the fitness industry, became a NYT best-selling author, and is now a copywriting and marketing funnel expert who helps entrepreneurs increase their revenue through more effective writing.

John says that Red Pill is a men's movement based on the idea that society is deteriorating the nuclear family and devaluing men. We discuss the criticism and concerns surrounding the movement, including its far-right leanings and focus on controlling women.

Prioritizing the nuclear family sounds good, but is used in the Red Pill community as a way to make women subservient. John believes it’s important to shed light on this damaging way of thinking, and to empower individuals to make their own choices and leave toxic relationships when necessary.

John is really good at poking holes in the toxic arguments by some men, that women are only in marriage to "take everything" from men. The reality is....most women walk away after a divorce in a worse financial position.

The Red Pill movement is dangerous when it connects with young teen men who are already struggling and feeling awkward in dating. They begin to view women as the enemy and that all women are "out to get men." This way of thinking plays on the natural insecurities of young men and manipulates them into believing women need to be subservient to be "trusted" and should be financially dependent on men.

 John uses his platform to dig into relationships and the skills we all need to make relationships work. He is excellent at breaking down difficult scenarios into easy to do steps that can actually positively impact your relationships.

Listen to the full episode. It is a fascinating conversation and will really get you thinking. Have you heard of the Red Pill movement or worse yet been impacted by it negatively? Let us know, these conversations are important to have together and with those you love.

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