Did you miss the Summit last week?

Mar 27, 2024

Did you miss my Divorce Money Summit? This was our best summit yet with 28 speakers in total, who gave insights on everything including having a more peaceful divorce process, finding the best resources during your divorce, getting your share of the retirement account, finding the right attorney for your budget, and more.

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That's right. The sessions are still available to you with a VIP ticket. The 3-day event was free as it was live, but to get access after the event ended, a really cheap VIP ticket is needed.

There was so much information. You'll want this ticket so you can take your time watching all the sessions over the coming weeks.  More topics we covered included getting the right information in your divorce, having a drama-free divorce, and sharing costs for the kids. All of those heavy money topics that you're facing during your divorce were covered, and I want you to get the actionable information that our speakers shared.

More importantly, I want to empower you to get the best possible financial settlement in your divorce. This event is an invaluable tool to help you accomplish that.

Just a handful of our speakers included:

  • Leah Marie Mazur of Mindfully Ready
  • Jackie Pilossoph of Divorced Girl Smiling
  • Susan Guthrie of Divorce and Beyond
  • Tiffany Grant of Money Talk with Tiff
  • Aaron Thomas of Prenups.com
  • Kate Anthony of The Divorce Survival Guide

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