Coming Soon: Two New Money Guides!

Sep 20, 2022

The Divorce Money Guide was released a few months ago and already has changed so many lives. Divorce attorneys, financial planners, and divorce coaches were so excited for it to be released and provided some beta testing services and valuable feedback. And our customers since the release.... have been blown away by how EASY it is to follow my steps to finding the money.

The discussions surrounding how people are using the DMG to protect their finances as they're divorcing brought up two really important issues:

  1. What do people do about their finances AFTER they're divorced? How do they protect themselves so their ex-spouse can't meddle in their financial lives? And how do they make sure they've got themselves covered legally so they (and their children) are protected?
  2. How can people protect themselves financially BEFORE they're in divorce court? What if they knew how to set up their finances to protect their financial interests? What warning signs could they look for to spot financial problems early?

These were easy problems for me to solve. These concepts are so closely related to the material in the Divorce Money Guide, that I knew I could create two new guides that would give even more help to people who wanted to protect their finances.

The Post-Divorce Money Guide lays out a ten-step process to securing your finances after you're divorced. It tells you all the important things you need to know about protecting your bank accounts, your insurance, your estate, and more.

The Marriage Money Guide for Women is another ten-step process for protecting your finances as you enter into marriage. I give you the options for managing your money with your future husband, explain how to set things up, and talk about prenuptial agreements and whether or not you need one.

Both guides will be out before the end of the year, and I can't wait help even more people with my solid financial advice.

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The Divorce Money Guide

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This Guide walks you through everything you need to know to find out exactly what your family's money was spent on and to uncover hidden financial fraud in your marriage.

This is your chance to find the money.... before you agree to any settlement in your divorce.


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