Checkmate! Your Next Best Financial Move

podcast Feb 15, 2024

If your divorce is wrecking you financially, it might seem weird to talk about "wellness" and finances. But that's exactly what Rhonda Noordyk of the Women's Financial Wellness Center focuses on. She is a "divorce financial strategist for women, and she helps you get the absolute best financial settlement when you're divorcing. 

Rhonda is this week's guest on the Find Me The Money podcast, entitled "Checkmate! Your Next Best Financial Move."

Women must be strategic and empowered in their financial decisions during the divorce process, and this is not about “taking your husband to the cleaners.” It’s about leveling the playing field and helping women advocate for themselves.

Why You Need More Than an Attorney

People getting divorced tend to lean on their attorneys for EVERYTHING. This is normal. You haven't been through a divorce before, you hired an expensive attorney, and you think they're supposed to guide you through the whole process.

But attorneys do not always have the financial strategy covered in the divorce, and they may not may not provide comprehensive financial guidance. This is why there is a need for financial analysis in the divorce process by a specialist like a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA).

The DAMN Method During Divorce

Rhonda highlights something she calls the DAMN Method, which is often used by dishonest husbands during the divorce process. They want to cheat their wives out of money, so they use the DAMN method:  

  • Dodging
  • Avoiding
  • Misrepresenting
  • Non-Disclosure

But an advocate for you (like Rhonda!) can help counteract these tactics. It's about being persistent in demanding information, and using all legal means to get the information you're entitled to.

The BRIDGE Experience

If you're looking to get financial clarity and a fair divorce settlement, Rhonda's BRIDGE Experience is a guided program that can help you get through your divorce process better. You will go from crisis to closure in only six months. We talk about this program in the podcast episode, and you could go from feeling anxious and overwhelmed by your divorce to feeling confident and accomplished.

It’s so important for women to have a team of professionals supporting them in the financial decisions during divorce. Rhonda works as an advocate for her clients, helping them get the best possible financial settlements in their divorces. She encourages women just like you to take their newfound confidence from getting through their divorce and using it as a springboard for an independent, fulfilled life. 

Hear everything Rhonda has to say on advocating for yourself in this week's episode of Find Me The Money. 

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