Celebrity Divorce: RHOM Star Has Restricted Access to Funds

celebrity divorce Aug 02, 2022

Lisa Hochstein, one of the cast members of the Real Housewives of Miami is alleging that her estranged husband, plastic surgeon (boob god) Lenny Hochstein is "financially strangling" her.  She says in a court filing that he is restricting her access to his funds when she doesn't give in to her demands.

According to Page Six:

Lisa, 40, explains that the plastic surgeon, 56, provided her with a joint credit card throughout their marriage to pay for her “personal expenses, expenses for the household and expenses for the parties’ children,” but the situation has changed since he began dating 26-year-old Katharina Mazepa.

“While the husband is presently traveling on a no-expense-spared vacation with his presumed girlfriend to Europe, he has left the wife and children without cash, access to funds and less than $3,000 of available credit on the joint credit card,” the documents allege.

What Lisa is experiencing is not all that different from what a number of people experience during divorce when their spouse is the breadwinner and they don't have money of their own. It's common for the person in control of the money to cut the other person off financially.

It's a way to control the process of divorce and to put pressure on the spouse to settle quickly. It sometimes leads to the party NOT in control of the money to accept less than they're entitled to when it comes to the division of assets, spousal support, and child support. They can't survive on nothing, so they settle in order to get something (even if they know they're entitled to more if they would just continue to fight).

Dirty tricks in divorce aren't just for celebrities. Please know that you're not alone if this is your experience in your divorce. Talk to your attorney to see if you can get the judge in your case to order temporary support to be paid to you. (Temporary = the support you get between now and the time your divorce is final and you have final order for support.)



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