Financial Abuse Alleged in Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman Divorce (RHOA)

celebrity divorce Mar 12, 2023


The Real Housewives of Atlanta is no stranger to drama, and the latest news surrounding cast member Drew Sidora is no exception. Last month, people reported that Sidora and her husband, Ralph Pittman, are getting a divorce after eight years of marriage.

Drew is accusing Ralph of being a serial cheater and abusing her mentally, physically, and financially. The financial abuse included an alleged instance of PIttman making a large withdrawal from Sidora's business bank account without her consent. I like to refer to this kind of behavior as both financial abuse and financial infidelity.

To add insult to injury,Ralph is now demanding the family home. He contends that he "solely satisfied the loan for the marital residence." But that's not all he wants. Pittman is also going for half of Sidora's music money, too. He claims he was the producer for much of Sidora's music and wants 100% of the rights to all of the compositions that were recorded to date.

Divorce is especially difficult when it's played out in the public eye. Being cheated on multiple times and having it thrown in your face is terrible. According Drew, many of Ralph Pittman's affair partners contacted her and sent screen shots of the "sexts" they received from her husband.

In my experience, infidelity and financial fraud are often closely linked. Especially when there are so many affair partners. 

We often talk about the red flags of divorce. Changes in behavior and secrecy are huge red flags that your partner may be committing financial and/or marital infidelity. I wonder how many red flags Draw saw before she finally decided to end it? If you are a fan of RHOA, you’ll remember the time when Ralph  went on a trip to Tampa for several days without informing his wife or family. This mystery trip was made even shadier when Pittman refused to even answer Sidora's phone calls. There were lots of signs on the show, and that makes you questions what else happened behind closed doors. 

The news of Drew Sidora's divorce is a reminder that even reality TV stars are human, and they face the same challenges and struggles as the rest of us. It's likely that Sidora has a team of attorneys and may even have a forensic accountant to find all of the dirty details of Pittman's lies.

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