Overspending and Divorce

Jun 12, 2024

Retail therapy. We've all bought things we didn't need in an effort to feel better. Something during your day went wrong, and spending money just felt "right."

Whether you've had a bad day at work and want to drown your sorrows by getting a new purse or you want to get back at an unfaithful husband who has spent money on his mistress. Manic spending, overspending, revenge spending... No matter what you call it, spending money frivolously can come back to haunt you.

Daily stresses impact our emotions and that can lead to poor judgment when it comes to the money. A brief high from a purchase doesn't last long, but the consequences can last a lifetime.

Overspending can be a difficult habit to break for many women and threatens their financial independence throughout a marriage and into divorce. Paige Pritchard is an expert on overcoming overspending, and I was on her Money Love Podcast to talk about getting the money that you're owed in your divorce. Paige wants to see women get their fair share during divorce, so we talked about a lot of tips to protect yourself and get your fair share of the money.

Whether you are the spender or the saver in the relationship, divorce sucks. It can steal your joy, your confidence, and your financial security. The entire process is overwhelming, confusing, frustrating, not to mention expensive. Making smart, deliberate choices with your money right now has never been more important.

The financial part of your divorce can be complicated and tedious. The Divorce Financial Checklist is an inexpensive way to start on the right path toward getting your divorce finances in order. It's going to help you know the right financial documents to gather so you conquer the money, and you'll get key tips that you can use to your advantage in your divorce.

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