Episode 54:

Prioritizing Mental Health During Divorce

with Dr. Ammara Khalid of RIA Psychological Services


Show Notes

This week’s guest is Dr. Ammara Khalid, a clinical psychologist specializing in divorce and breakup recovery. We’re talking about the importance of mental health during divorce and how therapy can be a key part of your recovery after your breakup.

Mental health is often overlooked during divorce. Self-care and emotional management are important, even when you feel like the divorce process is already so overwhelming. A financial emotional self-check is important to understand one's relationship with money and navigate financial issues during divorce. We talk about financial infidelity and dealing with the emotions surrounding that.

Dr. Khalid explores the process of reinventing yourself and the common struggles people going through divorce experience. She highlights the value of therapy and finding the right support system, and we get a chance to hear how we might expect to start the therapy process.

Find Dr. Khalid and her practice here: 

Instagram: @dr.ammarakhalid



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