Episode 49:

Don't Let Your Divorce Bankrupt You: Save Money on Legal Fees

with Kimberly Cook of Grown Girl Divorce


Show Notes

Kimberly Cook is here to discuss the cost of divorce and how to save money on legal fees. She is a seasoned divorce litigator and mediator who also provides resources to women going through divorce with her platform “Grown Girl Divorce.” Kimberly says it’s important to be intentional and smart when engaging an attorney for your divorce. You don’t want the divorce process to bankrupt you.

Some of the important things you’ll want to know from an attorney who is going to represent you include how they bill for their fees, hourly rates, and billing increments. Kimberly advises clients to ask good questions and be aware of who will be billing against their retainer.

One excellent way to save money in your divorce is through the process of mediation. Being actively involved in the divorce process and doing homework to gather necessary information can also help save a ton of money.

You can find Kimberly here:


Instagram - @growngirldivorce



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