Episode 44:

Checkmate! Your Next Best Financial Move

with Rhonda Noordyk of Women's Financial Wellness Center


Show Notes

Rhonda Noordyk, founder of the Women's Financial Wellness Center, talks with us about the importance of financial advocacy for women going through divorce. Women must be strategic and empowered in their financial decisions during the divorce process, and this is not about “taking your husband to the cleaners.” It’s about leveling the playing field and helping women advocate for themselves.

Attorneys do not always have the financial strategy covered in the divorce, and they may not may not provide comprehensive financial guidance. This is why there is a need for financial analysis in the divorce process by a specialist like a CDFA.

The DAMN Method (Dodging, Avoiding, Misrepresenting, and Non-Disclosure) can hinder the financial well-being of women in divorce. Hear about Rhonda’s BRIDGE Experience, which helps women get financial clarity and a fair divorce settlement.

It’s so important for women to have a team of professionals on their side and supporting them in the financial decisions during divorce. Rhonda works as an advocate for her clients, helping them get the best possible financial settlements in their divorces.

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