Episode 43:

Amicable Doesn't Mean Simple

with Tracy Moore-Grant of Amicable Divorce Network


Show Notes

Today we’re talking with the founder of the Amicable Divorce Network, Tracy Moore-Grant. She has been working exclusively as a family attorney since 2002, but started the Amicable Divorce Network because she wanted to facilitate low-conflict, out-of-court divorces.

Even cases with complex financial issues can use the amicable divorce process! In this episode, Tracy and Tracy discuss the difference between contested and uncontested divorce and highlight the advantages of resolving issues outside of court.

The Amicable Divorce Network provides a process that allows parties to negotiate and reach a resolution with the help of experienced professionals. They emphasize the importance of having resolution-focused professionals who prioritize the clients' needs and work towards a fair and efficient resolution. Tracy shares a case example to illustrate how the amicable divorce process can successfully handle messy money issues.

You can find Tracy here:

Instagram: @amicabledivorcenetwork
TikTok: @amicabledivorcenetwork


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