Episode 42:

Divorce and the Red Pill

with John Romaniello


Show Notes

This week our guest is John Romaniello, talking about the “Red Pill” movement and its impact on relationships and divorce. John got his start in the fitness industry, became a NYT best-selling author, and is now a copywriting and marketing funnel expert who helps entrepreneurs increase their revenue through more effective writing.

John says that the Red Pill movement is a men's movement that believes society is deteriorating the nuclear family and devaluing men. We discuss the criticism and concerns surrounding the movement, including its far-right leanings and focus on controlling women. Prioritizing the nuclear family sounds good, but is used in the Red Pill community as a way to make women subservient. John believes it’s important to shed light on this damaging way of thinking, and to empower individuals to make their own choices and leave toxic relationships when necessary.

You can find John here:

Instagram - @johnromaniello

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