Episode 41:

Mistakes Made in Divorce

with Susan Guthrie of Divorce & Beyond


Show Notes

Family law attorney and mediator Susan Guthrie is here with us this week to talk about common mistakes people make as they’re going through the divorce process. It’s important to know these mistakes so you can avoid them! And Susan knows a lot about this as someone who litigated high net worth and high conflict, complex divorces for over 30 years. She hosts the very popular Divorce & Beyond podcast and is the co-founder of the Mosten Guthrie Academy to train family law professionals.

There is a common misconception that divorce has to be a litigated battle, but Susan wants you to know that it is important to de-escalate the conflict in your divorce if you can. We talk about the benefits of hiring a divorce coach and the right financial professional. Susan and I also touch on the pitfalls of labeling your ex as a narcissist.

Susan has some great tips for getting through your divorce process more efficiently, for less money, and with less conflict.

You can find Susan here:

Instagram - @susanguthrieesq

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