Episode 39:

Making the Ultimate Decision About Your Marriage

with Kate Anthony of The Divorce Survival Guide


Show Notes

This episode features Kate Anthony, the author of the new book The D Word: Making the Ultimate Decision About Your Marriage. Kate wrote this book for women who are considering divorce or in the process of divorce as a tool to help them evaluate their marriage, plan for the divorce, protect themselves, and ultimately get through the divorce process in a better way.

We talked about why women are so unhappy in their marriages, the role that abuse plays in the breakdown of marriages, financial abuse in divorce, and how to have the divorce conversation with your husband.

The decision to get divorced is often a result of years of unhappiness and multiple attempts to improve the relationship. Having the divorce conversation with a spouse requires assertiveness and clarity, and it is important for women to stand firm in their decision.

This is a phenomenal book, and Kate has some wonderful practical advice in this episode of the podcast.

You can find Kate here:

TikTok - @thedivorcesurvivalguide
Instagram - @thedivorcesurvivalguide

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