Episode 38:

Divorce Confessions

with Rob Roseman of WTF Divorce


Show Notes

This episode takes a lighter look at divorce from the perspective of Rob Roseman, the founder of WTF Divorce, and a divorced dad. We talk about the inspiration for creating his platform and the lack of resources for men in the divorce community.

Rob’s “divorce confessions” on social media have been a popular way to add humor and bring levity to a heavy topic. The confessions from his audience have common themes including the challenges of co-parenting and dating after divorce. Rob knows from personal experience that there can be mixed feelings at the time of divorce, that you might still desire your ex in some ways, and that co-parenting with a narcissist is hard.

And… we talk about dating after divorce! Have a listen to this less intense episode about the divorce experience.

You can find Rob and WTF Divore here:

Instagram - @wtfdivorce

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