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Navigating Divorce Finances: Your Journey Starts Here

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30+ Sessions of Divorce and Money Experts Showing You How to Handle All the Financial Details and Giving You Practical Guidance and Tips That You Can Use Right Away


Hey, friend...

Do you feel overwhelmed by money in your divorce? Do you worry about whether you'll have enough?

Are you concerned about how to manage the expenses for your kids, and who will pay for what after the divorce?
Are you unsure of yourself and where to begin with negotiating the financial part of your divorce settlement?
How would you feel if you had the information you really need and you could be confident about your family's money?

Meet Your Divorce Guide

You don't have to do this alone.

I'm Tracy Coenen, and I've been a forensic accountant for more than 25 years.

I help women just like you get through their divorces AND build thriving lives after divorce with their finances intact, money found, and agreements that work for them and their kids. This is because I educate them and help them understand the legal process and their options. Whether you’re considering separation or already in the process of divorce, I can help you. 

While everyone's divorce is different, I created this free event to be your guide and help you find your way through the financial part of your divorce journey.

Featuring some of the most influential divorce and financial experts in the industry

Hear from the Experts


PLUS, access their amazing resources! Click each image to get some of the best divorce resources! 

Naseema McElroy

Igniting Financial Success Post-Divorce

Author and the Founder of Financially Intentional

Tyler Summers

Your Big Gay Divorce

Boston Family Law Attorney

Renee Bauer

The Ultimate Showdown ‚Äď Settle or Go to Trial

Divorce Attorney, Author, Motivational Speaker

Alicia Robertson

Divorce Well: Support, Community, and Resources

Certified Life Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker

Kate Anthony

I Can’t Afford to Leave My Marriage

Podcast Host, Divorce Coach at Divorce Survival Guide

Jackie Peng

Drama-Free Divorce (The Calm After the Storm)

The Divorced Baker

Bradley Richardson

Having Money Conversations Like a Grown Ass Adult

Coach, Speaker, Author

Alex Beattie

Divorce Prep and Financial Planning: Why Early Preparation Is Your Secret Weapon During Divorce

Divorce Preparation Coach

Tami Wollensak

Take or Leave the House

Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator

Kimberly Cook

Finding the Right Attorney For Your Budget

Divorce Attorney, Certified Mediator,  Founder of Grown Girl Divorce

Marissa Baker

Divorce Happens, But Sun Happens Too!

Certified Life Coach, Host of Sun Happens Podcast

Ed Coambs

When Dating After Divorce Meets Money

Certified Financial Therapist

Rebecca Stern

The Truth About Divorce Mediation

Divorce & Family Mediator, Founder of Pearl Mediation

Leah Marie Mazur

Facing Your Financial Fears

Certified Divorce Recovery Coach for Women, Founder of Mindfully Ready

Lisa Johnson

Legal Abuse: When Your Ex Uses the Divorce To Wear You Down and Bleed You Dry Financially

High Conflict Divorce Coach, Co-Founder of Been There Got Out

Tiffany Grant

Preparing to Leave: Making a Money Plan

Accredited Financial Counselor, Personal Finance Blogger, Podcaster, Coach

Jackie Pilossoph

Finding the Best Resources During Divorce

Founder of Divorced Girl Smiling

Rhonda Noordyk

Women and Divorce: Your Next BEST Financial Move

Podcast Host, CDFA¬ģ, Founder of Women's Financial Wellness Center

Veronica Cisneros

Fierce Finances: High-Achieving Women And Money Insecurity During Divorce 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage Coach, Podcast Host

Karen Covy

Don't Touch My Retirement Account!

Divorce Coach, Lawyer, Mediator, Speaker, Author

Aaron Thomas

Love 2.0: Prenups and Second Marriages

Three-Time Winner of Atlanta’s Best Divorce Attorney

Wendy Valentine

From Depressed and Divorced to Happy and Free

Writer, Motivational Speaker, Master Coach, Podcast Host

Andrea Giles

After the Affair: Decisions and Directions

Certified Life Coach, Podcast Host

Lauren Hunt

Getting Your Act Together in Financial Discovery

Attorney/Mediator in New York State

Jay Skibbens

Raising Kids, Sharing Costs: Co-Parenting Finances

Coparenting Coach

Susan Guthrie

Billionaire Breakups: Money-Saving Secrets From the Ultra-Wealthy to Help You Save Money in Divorce

Attorney, Mediator

Lauren Bringle

Protecting Your Credit and Managing Debt During Divorce

Accredited Financial Counselor¬ģ

Bela Gandhi

Secrets to Dating Successfully After Divorce

Dating Coach

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Divorce Money Summit

Navigating Divorce Finances: Your Journey Starts Here.

Everyone’s path through the divorce process is different, but we can help you find your way. These sessions will provide you with the clarity, support, and actionable information that you need to make informed financial decisions as you go through your divorce.

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Now you're probably saying...

"That sounds great, but what exactly will I get from this online event?"

I am so glad you asked!

Here's a peek into what we will be covering at the Divorce Money Summit:

1. Process - planning your divorce, resources, finding the right professional
2. Legal - lawyer fees, saving money in divorce, getting your best financial settlement
3. Money - child support issues, keeping the house, expenses for your kids
4. Abuse - legal abuse, financial infidelity, financial control
5. Wellness - facing your fears, money conversations, divorce in mid-life
6. Money (Again) - budgeting, investing, making more money 
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Access all the speaker resources your heart desires! The Divorce Money Summit is PACKED with expert knowledge, practical guidance, and bonuses! 

2. On-Demand Sessions

We want to make these valuable sessions available for you to digest and learn from at your own pace. Whether you binge-watch or take it slow, you can take advantage of these expertly curated sessions.

3. Gain Clarity

And finally! You're on your way to get the tools, confidence, and control over your money.

It is time to take action.

Meet Your Host

Tracy Coenen

Forensic accountant Tracy Coenen helps women going through messy divorces get better financial settlements.

Tracy Coenen is a CPA and forensic accountant who has helped hundreds of people navigate the financial part of divorce. She focuses on finding hidden money and assets.

Tracy’s work has been featured on CNBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC, as well as in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, and The Business Journal.

Whether you have suspicions about what has happened to your family's money, or you simply need guidance on where to start to understand your family's finances, Tracy is here for you. She'll help you identify the red flags of financial fraud and show you how to track down the money so you can get your fair share in the divorce.

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By purchasing this virtual summit, you'll walk away knowing how to... 

‚ěē Plan to save time and money in your divorce by working more effectively with your attorney and other professionals

‚ěē¬†Handle expenses for the kids with an uncooperative or micromanaging ex

‚ěē¬†Develop actionable strategies for rebuilding your finances after divorce

‚ěē¬†Fight back against financial abuse and financial infidelity

‚ěē¬†Manage your fears surrounding money and financial insecurity

‚ěē¬†Develop a spending plan for your family that allows you to save while still enjoying life
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