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Be prepared so you can protect yourself and your money in your divorce.

If you're considering getting divorced or you're in the divorce process, you need to know the most important first steps to take with your finances. Our Planning For Divorce resource will tell you the most important things to do early on and will set you on the right path for getting the best possible financial settlement in your divorce. Get ready to learn about the money moves you must make NOW, the information you should collect, and the documents you're going to need for your divorce.

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Know the first steps to take to protect your finances when you're getting divorced.

Start things off right...

Divorce is a difficult and emotional process. If you're even thinking about the possibility of divorce, you're probably overwhelmed with the thought of all the changes to come. You're worried about how difficult the divorce process may be, and you're probably especially worried about the financial issues.

You need to take quick action to protect yourself financially as soon as possible. Don't let your spouse catch you off guard or leave you without any money.

It's important that you: 

  • Begin collecting financial information
  • Take steps to protect your assets
  • Make strategic money moves


Get our free resource, Planning For Divorce, for all the details about your first, most important steps.

Don't get taken by surprise. Look out for YOUR money right away.

Meet Tracy Coenen

I’m a forensic accountant, and I have been investigating fraud for more than 25 years.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women and men to sort out their finances during divorce.

After seeing too many spouses get cheated out of their fair share of the assets in divorce, I knew I had to do something to help.

If you can afford a forensic accountant to help track down the money, you’re in a great position. But if you’re like most people going through divorce, that is not an expense you can afford right now.

This is why I created the Divorce Money Guide. My courses show you the steps to take to know exactly where your money is, how much you have, and what your family’s money has been spent on.

I want to help you get “financial justice” in your divorce. To do that, I’m going to help you take back control of your money. Together, we’ll get the information and knowledge you need to get the best possible settlement in your divorce.

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