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You caught your husband cheating...
so now what?

Your trust has been betrayed and you need to know how to protect your money. Our Steps to Take After Catching a Cheater resource that will give you ten ways you can secure your financial future when your husband (or wife) is cheating!  Fill out the form below to download the resource to help you take action to protect your finances.

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Here's the thing...

You need to take quick action to protect yourself financially if you discover your husband is cheating. Don't give him the chance to screw you over in a divorce. 

It's important that you: 

  • take steps to protect your private information
  • set aside money for yourself
  • find out if there are any secret debts
Don't give him the benefit of the doubt. Look out for YOUR money first.

Meet Tracy

Forensic accountant Tracy Coenen helps women going through messy divorces get better financial settlements.

Tracy will help you figure out the mystery of your family's finances: Understanding how much money you have, where is it, and what your family's money has been spent on. You CAN find the money that your husband has hidden.

She is a CPA and forensic accountant who focuses on finding hidden money in divorce cases.

Tracy’s work has been featured on CNBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC, as well as in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

Get the Steps to Take After Catching a Cheater